Sunday, August 29, 2010

10 Things: Glee Duets That Need to Happen

We've had some excellent duets on Glee - I'm always a sucker for a Finn/Rachel duet, Artie/Mercedes sound great together, and Mr. Schuester and April Rhodes' voices really do go together like butter on a biscuit. (Thank you, Kristin Chenoweth, for the analogy.)

But there's an untapped reserve of duets we haven't heard. And it's a damn shame! So here is my list of 10 pairs I want to hear sing together in the coming episodes (oh, seasons, fine!) of Glee.

10. Shelby Corcoran / April Rhodes

YES I know that this is largely fanwank, and there is really no reason whatsoever that these two characters would ever meet, but I don't care. Ryan Murphy respects the musical, and also writes storylines on crack, so I think it's totally possible Glinda and Elphaba could be reunited on my screen for a little number.

Possible song suggestion: "Another Suitcase in Another Hall" from Evita

9. Terri / Will

Their marriage imploded, and no duet? Shame. We need to hear Terri sing, period.

Possible song suggestion: "Crazy" by Patsy Cline

8. Puck / Rachel

Okay, so they sang in "Run Joey Run" but I don't really count that - technically Rachel was duetting with Puck, Jesse, AND Finn. I don't even know what Rachel and Puck would sing about together, but I'm confident it would sound good.

Possible song suggestion: "Falls Apart" by Sugar Ray

7. Finn / Kurt

Again, you could count "A House is Not a Home" but since Finn's part is sung in a different scene by himself, I say it's not really a duet. It'd be nice to see Finn and Kurt resolve the issues that seemed to trip them up in the Back 9 and reconcile as friends and maybe even step-brothers.

Possible song suggestion: "Home" by Michael Buble, while a bit overly sentimental, ties in nicely with the boys' "A House is not a Home" theme.

6. Artie / Rachel

Lea Michele's and Kevin McHale's voices together would sound beautiful. That is all. I have a feeling this duet will only ever come about if they get stuck together on an assignment or if they have parallel storylines. But who knows?

Possible song suggestion: "I Am a Rock" by Simon & Garfunkel

5. Quinn / Puck

It's a bit absurd that these two have had a baby together, but not a song. The possibilities here are endless, since their relationship seems to be in a different place every episode.

Possible song suggestion: "Don't You Forget About Me" by Simple Minds

4. Quinn / Rachel

These two have a checkered past and no screentime. The last we left them, Rachel felt guilty for spilling Quinn's secret, and Quinn didn't want to punch her in the face. OH, and then Quinn gave up her daughter to Rachel's birth mother who had given HER away to Rachel's gay dads. You'd think they'd have some issues to work out.

Possible song suggestion: "Everybody Knows" by the Dixie Chicks (take out the twang, and I think it'd be pretty solid)

3. Sue / Mr. Schue

This would be amazing. That is all.

Possible song suggestion: "Big Shot" by Billy Joel

2. Tina / Artie

These two have such a sweet relationship with more onscreen kisses than any other couple, and yet no song together! Blasphemy! The only time we've ever heard their voices overlap was in "To Sir With Love" for one brief verse. Need a full duet, please!

Possible song suggestion: "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" by Whitney Houston

1. Santana / Brittany

I don't even know what these two would sing about, but I know it would be amazing. They really are best when they're together; and even though sex isn't dating, I'm pretty sure they're soulmates.

Possible song suggestion: "Two Hearts" by Phil Collins (the lyrics are seriously perfect.)

Also, as long as I'm making song suggestions, I put forth Earth Wind and Fire's "Shining Star" and "Dancing in the Street" by Martha Reeves for group numbers and Destiny's Child's "Independent Women Part I" for the ladies. Plz?


  1. I believe Santana/Rachel and Santana/Artie would sound completely gorgeous together too. but woo! for Quinn/Rachel and Rachel/Artie. especially Rachel/Artie. Best two voices on the show imo

  2. Hello, anon! D'y'know, I (stupidly) never thought of a Santana/Artie duet until JUST yesterday and then I nearly wept with how badly I wanted it, haha.

    I'm dying for Artie to sing with pretty much everybody, because Kevin's voice is to die for. Kevin and Lea sounded great together doing "Smile" at the White House. I want more! :D

  3. You need to do one of these for after s2 - Rachel/Quinn, Puck/Rachel and Santana/Brittany all got duets in s2.
    I think we need some friendship duets - Tina/Rachel, Mercedes/Quinn.

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