Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rachel Berry and the Spotlight: The Kickoff

If you’re familiar with my work here at DR SHE BLOGGO, chances are that you’ve read the large character epics devoted to Quinn Fabray and Finn Hudson.  I hadn’t originally intended to write a novel for each character, but as we all know, I've had issues with Quinn and Finn’s misguided character development and couldn’t help but spew thousands of words on the subject. 

And in doing so, I have been requested to continue the tradition.  So, I’m making my way through the full cast of characters, attempting to devote a solid epic to each one’s development, arc, and representation onscreen.  Expect these on hiatuses only, where we all have time to take a deep breath and reflect on the episodes that Glee has recently given us.

So, without further ado, I announce the kickoff of Rachel Berry Week!  While Finn and Quinn’s weeks were devoted largely to the notion that their character development has gone somewhat off-track, Rachel’s will be centered on the exploration of Ms. Berry as an isolated character, what that means for her arc, and of course, the successes and shortcomings along the way.  Check back every night this week for an update!

Also, Rachel Berry Week will coincide with the 1-year bloggaversary (that’s a thing, right?) of DR SHE BLOGGO.  Double celebrate!




  1. Hm...

    Well, I've read this blog all the way through, some parts several times. So I feel I should give some commentary. I tend to disagree with certain points of yours, but I also tend to be wrong when I disagree with you, so...

    WyldCard4 signing in. Time to review your blog.

  2. I'd be interested in an update to this character study considering the way Rachel Berry has been marginalized in Season 3. Glee seems to have gone from a format with clear leads and supporting characters to an ensemble where the lines are grossly distorted. I don't feel it's working and Rachel Berry has gotten lost in the shuffle.

  3. Yes, please do update it!
    I am looking forward to read your comments on the development or non-development of Rachel Berry. I think the writers are being a little more mercyful with her in season 3, but also that she is a bit overshadowed by other characters' storylines. I miss her. I would love if they focus more on her in the second part of the season. As you say, she is afterall the MAIN character and her arc and fulfillment represent the true core themes of the show.


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