Glee Spec Script - "Spotlight"

In 2012, I chose to write an episode of Glee for a couple of screenwriting competitions.  I promised I'd share, so this is me making good on that promise.  A few things, first -- 

I do not own, or claim to own, Glee or any of its characters.  The writing of this script, however, is entirely my creative work.  Please don't steal it and claim it as your own.  (And while we're on the topic, I apologize for the vaguely obnoxious but kind of necessary watermark.  May it not be too distracting!)

If you have anything nice to say, chances are you'll find a way to say it, chances are I'll see it, and chances are I'll be extremely grateful for the kind words.  If you don't have anything constructive to say, there's really no reason to tell me.  I don't plan on editing this script and re-submitting it anywhere - it's a finished piece.  I certainly don't mind discussing the creative choices involved, or even answering a question here or there, but mostly it's here for you to read and enjoy.

To address the script directly... this is meant to be like an actual episode of Glee that might air on television - in particular, one that evokes the feeling of the show's original 13.  It takes place after "A Very Glee Christmas," in Season 2.  Quinn, Santana, and Brittany are still on the Cheerios.  Kurt is still at Dalton.  Finn and Rachel are broken up, but Finn and Quinn aren't yet dating - however, I very specifically avoid dealing with the romances.  And, there's one character of my own creation, a drama teacher.  The episode is meant to put the female characters at the forefront without an explicit feminist message like what was done in "The Power of Madonna."  Yes, I'm aware that the male characters are not front and center, but in no way are they intended to be mistreated or bashed.

Enough preamble.  I hope you enjoy it!

"Spotlight" --  Tina wants to audition for the lead in a school musical, but she's told she's not right for the part.  Meanwhile, it's Teen Mentor Week at McKinley and Sue Sylvester meddles with all the Glee kids' goals in an effort to show up Will's mentoring skills.  Rachel and Quinn spend the week trying to work through their differences, while Mercedes and Santana clash over their efforts to help Brittany pass a math test.

Song choices -- 

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  1. This was amazing to read, and probably would have been amazing to watch as well. Your writing easily encompasses everything that Glee could have been. Without a doubt, this single spec has shown character growth, relationships, and plot that has been missing on Glee for two and half years. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  2. Maybe instead of complaining about the females on a show that no one takes seriously(and completely ignoring that there are a ton of real women who act just as horribly as these stupid girls), you should try doing something useful. This is nothing but bad fanfiction and lazy writing. As a woman, you offend the Hell out of me by defending behavior from girls like Rachel and Quinn and Santana. They treat people like crap, the real women who act like them treat people like crap, you people like you who defend them and coddle them just validate their horrible behavior. I feel sorry for any man in your life.

    1. Back off the Bloggo, man. This was a wonderfully cohesive piece, that topped most (recent) episodes of Glee.

    2. And do what exactly? Praise the men on the show as gods and make every character's role revolve these perfect men who do no wrong? As a woman, YOUR post offends me and just wow, what a joke. This was written much better than glee's mess they've been pulling for well over months now. Your reply is a joke, you feel the need to call out girls need to be called out on their stupidity and mistakes? What about men? The men on the show have such incredible double standards, what are you trying to send across? I feel sorry for you.

  3. This was incredible, thank you for sharing.

  4. This was terrible, like a boring piece of Faberry and Brittana fanfiction.

  5. Just brilliant. It's so well-written, the characterization is so spot on, the pace, the dialogue are so vibrant and true to Glee's style, even the quirky, crazy and sometimes risqué Glee trademark humor is there, perfectly captured. This is Glee at its best, and WAY above regular fanfiction. I love how subtly you fix many of Glee's typical flaws (condescending, sexist portrayal of women, lack of continuity, an excess of songs which interrupt the plot without adding anything, Tina being always shoved to the background).
    I hope that you'll try, difficult as it is, to make a living with your writing, you're certainly worth of it.

  6. This was written better than any of the Glee scripts this season, that's for sure.

  7. This was very well written, and we finally got to see Tina in the spotlight. You're an amazing writer, and I hope you enter into many writing contests, and I hope you decide to do this as a career.


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