Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Haiku Wednesday!

It's a Wednesday! That makes me want to haiku! Today's haiku is in honor of television's current trainwreck, the unsinkable Kate Gosselin on Dancing with the Stars.

Dancing Kate Gosselin
Half-heartedly gallumphing
A sore sight for eyes.

It's unfortunate how painful it is to watch her dance on that show. But she dances with an all-consuming sense of terror in her eyes and hesitance in every step. I wish she'd either have a breakthrough or just leave, so I won't feel guilty for being appalled every week.

If you'd like to see an accurate representation of her most recent dance, done to Gaga's "Paparazzi" (yes, you read right), check out Jimmy Fallon below. His impersonation is spot-on, minus the feeble attempt at The Worm and the goo-goo eyes he makes at the camera. Kate has yet to show us she's capable of such finesse and emotional resonance on the hardwood. I'm holding out, though.


  1. We've been trying to ignore DWtS since it's on before Lost now (we miss the overly-informative captions for the previous week's episode). Kate Gosselin is why.

    Also, the horrific covers they have to dance to doesn't help.

  2. Oh, the covers are god-awful. What good is a live house band if the singing is enough to make your ears bleed? Actually, the woman is not too bad (depending on the song... she really can't pull of Ke$ha, and yes, she has had the opportunity to) but the man is just terrible. Last week his voice kept breaking when he tried to hit the high notes.


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