Tuesday, April 27, 2010

People Who Are Awesome: Chris Colfer

I'm not gonna lie, I could easily give the title of "People Who Are Awesome" to any member of the "Glee" kids (and who knows? I still may; adorable cast is adorable). But I decided that the first to follow behind Kristen Bell in the Awesome Line is the charming and talented Chris Colfer.

Let's break down The Awesome:

1. Chris is not quite 20 and his first job is on a hit television show. Point, Chris.

2. Chris was treated terribly in high school (citing friendship with the lunch ladies! Awww) and now has the last laugh. Yes, underdogs are Awesome.

3. He uses his Twitter account for hilarious good. Some examples:

Yesterday I was in a van with Olivia Newton-John, Josh Groban, Idina Menzel, and Jane Lynch. I think I had a dream just like that once.

I really want to get a dog to obnoxiously take everywhere I go. I'm thinking a Great Dane named Hans Christian Anderson.

I just said "excuse me" to a pigeon on a sidewalk...

4. He knows how to use sai swords. (0:35)

5. He is the funniest in the cast. (Seriously, it's a fact. They all decided.) (3:01)

And finally, reasons #6-8...

6. Kurt Single Ladies

7. Kurt 4 mins

8. Kurt Rose's Turn

And there you have, 8 Objective and Undeniable Reasons That Cannot Be Argued to support the fact that Chris Colfer is Awesome. Expect another Glee-related People Who Are Awesome very soon. Any guesses?

Credit for the gifs goes to killerspork33 and fight_the_sky. Many thanks for your part of the Awesome!

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