Friday, April 8, 2016

Orphan Black Season 4 Sneak Peek

Egads!  BBC America has treated us all to the first four minutes of Orphan Black's Season 4 opener one week before it's set to air.  Mark those calendars for April 14th at 10 pm, and behold:

Of course, the world twists madly on, around Sarah, and Rachel, and Alison, and Cosima, and Helena, and - well, you get the idea.  But we're given time with some new characters as well as familiar faces in this Season 4 sneak peek.  Let's round them up.
  • New Clone Alert!  We meet M.K., who serves as our eyes and ears for new information.  Except it's not new new information.  Nah, this is actually old news, because we are in a pre-pilot flashback!  (More on that in a moment.)  M.K. wears a mask for the most of the clip, and of course, that mask looks like a sheep.  Clone imagery, check!  The question, of course, is if M.K. herself knows that she's a clone.  Where exactly are we on this investigation?  
  • The answer to that question might be revealed through Beth Childs, who also makes an appearance in the sneak peek.  She's still alive, and in contact with M.K., presumably on her quest to uncover the mysteries of DYAD and her genetic identity.  M.K. sends Beth GPS coordinates, Beth numbs out with medication, and goes to meet her in the dead of night.  We don't know exactly how long she is for this world, but it seems we've already begun the process of "losing it, clinically."
  • Of course, when Beth storms out, she leaves behind her monitor - nice to see you again, Paul!  He's as poker-faced and intense as ever, under the thin guise of caring partner.  Knowing that these two are dead now - as well as the dysfunction of their relationship - makes their whole interaction here more than a little unsettling.
  • Then there's the mystery of what M.K. actually sees, in the forest: two paramedics burying a body, not in a hurry enough to not stop and make out a little bit.  There's no real evidence that this couple killed the person they're burying, but the Hendrix-esque Murder Couple vibe they give off doesn't really paint them innocent.
So, naturally, Orphan Black kicks off raising questions!  Who is M.K.?  When are we?  Who is in the body bag, and who's burying it?  Where are Alison, and Cosima, and Mrs. S in this pre-Sarah timeline?  With the reveal of Trojan Horse Neolutionists from last season's finale, it only makes sense to rewind and look at past events with new information, and new eyes.  The exploration of Beth's backstory and pre-pilot events is definitely worthwhile, and helps this show stay grounded in its sci-fi spiral.  Onward and upward, Season 4!

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