Monday, September 27, 2010

Farewell, Internet... for now

Today's good news: Oprah is reuniting the entire cast of The Sound of Music on her talk show. Can I get a HELL YES for that?! Nerds, I now know where you all are. And I am one of you. For serious, "The Sound of Music" was the first DVD in my collection, and Charmian Carr's autobiography Forever Liesl sits proudly on my bookshelf. I'm excited, y'all.

The bad news: I am vacationing for the next week, in a land without internet. This means, among many things, that I will be on a brief hiatus from DR SHE BLOGGO.

The true trauma of this hiatus is that I will be in transit at the time of Glee on Tuesday night, so I will be missing "Britney/Brittany." And I can only echo Sue Sylvester when I say, "HORROR!" I am not happy about missing an episode of Glee, let alone one as epically cracky as the Britney episode. But hopefully I can somehow rig together two tin cans, a marble, and a radio antennae to download the ep and project it onto a tree trunk or something. That's how science works, right?

Regardless, expect the RBI Report a bit later than usual. I'll have plenty of treats when I get back, including a plea for Kristen Bell and surely lots of explosive thoughts about "Britney/Brittany."

Until then...

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