Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The RBI Report: "Audition"

I thought I'd try something new here at Dr. She-Bloggo, after putting my nose to the grind for the Great Glee Countdown. I am introducing the RBI Report, to be unveiled after each new episode of Glee, where I break down the episode in terms of the writing and direction. Comparing and contrasting Ryan, Brad, and Ian is now something I compulsively do when I watch the show, so I might as well make use of it! The R(yan)/B(rad)/I(an) Report commences!

Audition (written by Ian Brennan; directed by Brad Falchuk)

Overall, I thought this was one of Ian's best episodes. Remember, he's usually the one that inundates every bit of dialogue with the theme of the episode (the word "funk" is used approximately 29 times in - you guessed it - "Funk"). But "Audition" was surprisingly "audition"-lite, and I must commend Ian for the welcome change.

A theme was still apparent, though, through the presence of Rachel's closing number. "What I Did For Love" highlighted Rachel's (lack of?) regret for getting Sunshine sent to Vocal Adrenaline, and underscored both Quinn's betrayal of Santana to get the Head Cheerio spot back and Artie's impending plan to get Tina back from Mike - the things we do for love, people! Whether it be for the love of ourselves, the love of our status, or the actual love for our loved ones. Well done, Ian (and Brad).

Brennan also did a good job giving attention to each of the characters and cluing the audience in to what changes have occurred over the summer. Nothing felt like we were getting hit with a punch we weren't prepared for, and overall, that was a good thing. His opening with Jacob Ben Israel was the perfect way to re-introduce everyone to our Gleeks, all the while poking fun at some of the complaints about the show during the hiatus. Very clever.

What's great about Ian's episodes is that they're very larger than life - but sometimes it can go too far. I didn't love the implication that Sue was trying to frame Coach Beiste for child molestation, and I also didn't believe that Rachel would purposefully put Sunshine in actual danger by sending her to a Lima crackhouse (active or not). Each writer excels in writing different characters, and I would not say that Rachel Berry is in Ian Brennan's wheelhouse (Brittany, Santana, and Sue? Definitely). But, these are minor quibbles. Sue's line about the Indians selling Manhattan to George Washington for an upskirt photo of Betsy Ross is enough to make me overlook the episode's very few faults.

In terms of the direction, I just have this to say:


Rachel crazy


Quinn HBIC


Artie heartbreak

Seriously, the episode was beautifully directed. This is doing nothing for my crush on Brad Falchuk. Expect more fangirling in future RBI Reports, guys. Just sayin'.

Also, if you have a more clever name for this other than "The RBI Report," I'm all ears.

All gifs come from fight_the_sky over at LiveJournal. An awesome resource!


  1. I really liked "Audition". I was SO GLAD we didn't have a repeat of damn "Hell-O".

    And, I know you didn't approve of Santana's boob job, but I thought it was sort of in line with her character. Santana is so tragic. I really hope they play her right this season.

    Overall I thought the episode was a great set-up for things to come. I am right on board the Tina/Mike ship...words I never thought I would say! I already miss Sunshine's awesome voice. I thought "Empire State of Mind" was waaaaaay better than the original (which I loathe, beeteedubs); it wasn't so strident. It was more fun and light, which is how that song should sound.

    Artie is tragic too. I feel really bad for him but Mike and Tina are so cute that I can't mind it. Aaaaand I know this is nutso, and I really don't approve of Rachel Berry caricatures and I thought this ep really did her wrong...but I didn't find her misleading of Sunshine TOO out of character. Her methods were, to be sure, as was her initial dialogue (RACIST/STUPID MUCH), but the feeling beneath it was sound, I thought. Rachel is nuts and controlling and "wants everything too much".

    Okkkkk HIT ME! :B

  2. It's official. "Hell-O" is the worst episode of Glee, ever. But, in comparison, it made "Audition" that much more awesome!

    Okay, Santana's boob job. It's one of those things where they're taking the character somewhere that I would not take the character. I guess it's not necessarily OOC, it's just a curveball. So, if I'm going to be Zen about it and accept it, it'll be interesting to see where it leads. (My only question is this: are they going to make Naya Rivera stuff her shirt for the rest of the series? WTF.)

    I'm so torn because I now LOVE the Mike/Tina ship but I also love Artie. I have no idea where my allegiance lies! I think I just like the way that this triangle is being executed so far, and I like all the characters in it so it's this lovely combination of beautiful and tragic and you know I'm ALL for that. :D

    You verbalized your thoughts about Rachel Berry in this episode far better than I could. I keep waffling on it, because I KNOW that she's self-centered and vaguely obnoxious, but her characterization in "Audition" just felt off to me, and I got all cranky about it. I think perhaps she was portrayed with less sympathy than usual, which I WOULD chalk up to Ian Brennan, but I went back and looked at his previous episodes, and Rachel's pretty much a puppy dog in all of them except "Bad Reputation." Bah, who knows.

    And the only complete difference of opinion: I like the original Empire State of Mind better than the Glee version. ;D BUT - did you know it's Naya singing the main Alicia Keys chorus? I had no idea until I listened to an a cappella version on YouTube. I totally couldn't tell in the full version.

  3. I didn't know that was Naya! She is so awesome. And I am sad if they're going to make her keep those fake fake-boobs all season. Nothing wrong with her rack to begin with.

    I feel like Artie has been done wrong. Not necessarily by Tina, but by the writers--they set him up as a good guy, made him into sort of a dick, and this I think would Tina's natural progression. He ignored her for a week to play a (crappy) videogame. I'd dump him too. I'm just sad it had to go that way.

    But I really like Mike/Tina. They are so cute together. ALSO MIKE'S ABS

  4. Hm, maybe she can get breast reduction surgery when Puck gets his vasectomy reversed, haha.

    I do agree about Artie, in terms of the writers. He was set up to be this really sweet guy, and then they turned him into a douche in the "The Power of Madonna" just to shove a theme into the episode. So it makes total sense that Tina dumped him, and I'm glad she did.

    BUT, I do like that the writers are keeping Artie's dream of dance consistent. Losing Tina to a guy who can dance must KILL Artie. This season is going to basically be a drawn-out incarnation of the "Dream A Little Dream" sequence. And I am TOTALLY okay with that.

    And I have no idea how it's possible that Mike/Tina should be so cute without hardly any effort whatsoever. It's unnatural! I'm pretty sure the entire world ships them after ONE episode, so kudos, Glee/Jenna/Harry, UR DOIN IT RIGHT.

    And to paraphrase Tina Fey in Date Night, I bet Harry's abs do all kind of right.


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