Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Haiku Wednesday: the Borrowed Edition

It's that sometimes-celebrated time of the week again, gang! Haiku Wednesday! And to make this much easier on my syllable-counting brain, Entertainment Weekly just happened to post 12 haikus today, submitted by fans who wished to wax poetic about our dear departed friend, Lost. Here are my favorites:

Oh, squirrel baby
Button eyes and random bones
Claire will miss your smile

- submitted by Brian Cavanagh

I love Hurley like
Han Solo loves Chewbacca
He'd get what I mean.
- submitted by Rebecca Parker

Daniel Faraday
Time is always on his side
'Til his mom shot him.
- submitted by Lindsey Washburn

Wrap it carefully.
Use a damp piece of clothing.
Whither Leslie Arzt.

- submitted by Brett Taylor

These delightful people made this installment of Haiku Wednesday fantastically easy. Thanks, guys!

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