Sunday, January 30, 2011

Finn Hudson and the Case of the Missing Original Intent

Historically speaking, I have devoted much of my Glee writings to the ladies of the show, largely because I relate more to them, and also because I feel the writers have treated them somewhat unjustly at various points in the series.  So, you might be surprised to discover that this exploration is of none other than Finn Hudson.

As I was writing part of the epic “Checking in with Quinn Fabray” post, it occurred to me that the Glee writers have very little understanding on the execution of a character arc.  Quinn’s is particularly dreadful, with the original intention of her arc going completely by the wayside somewhere in the Back 9, never to be seen again.  But you know whose arc is also atrociously screwed up?

Finn Hudson’s.  So, I sat down to try and hash out the issues with his development, and lo and behold, we have another semi-epic on our hands.  I do want to just say that this will be far less involved than the Quinn piece, largely because Finn has had infinitely more screentime and therefore there’s just too much material for me to sort through all of it.  The purpose of this exploration is to look at how the original intent of his character has been derailed, and so all things I discuss will be linked back to this notion.

Regardless, it looks like it’s Finn Hudson Week as we round out the last bit of hiatus before the Super Bowl episode.  Celebrate!



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